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See also: Sining , shindig , shinkin , shrinking. Also fig: to bask in someone's reflected glory; to bask in media attention.

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Abbreviation for "eXamine Your Zipper". To let someone know the zipper on the front of his pants is down. A moulding commonly used in framing oil paintings.

Sun shining down on a communications tower Bright sun shining down on Hafencity, Hamburg The sun shining through a large tree and down upon water Sun shining behind woman using cell phone The Colosseum in Rome in the early evening with a colorful sky in the background and tourists sightseeing The sun shining through a large tree and down upon water sun through clouds over tree Sun shining down on the Shenandoah Valley in the peak of fall.

Looking up at Chepstow castle with the sun shining down from a blue sky Midday winter sun shining down on the rolling hills to the east of Mount Skiddaw, Lake District Sun shining down on me. Sun shining down on girl with sunglasses Winter sun shining down on Loch Carron.


Gumtrees growing on a dry creek bed with the sun shining down, Townsville, Queensland, Australia shining sun goes down at sea. The Sun shining down on a house roof which has 16 solar panels mounted on it.

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Sun shining down on the Blue Mountains A sunflower blooming with the sun shining down Sun shining down on the golden landscape in Utah Sun shining down on the beautiful ocean with a palm tree. Beautiful sun shining down through the clouds over the ocean in Aruba. He very firmly decides not to focus on the guys face and instead focuses on the window.


His vision is better now, not swimming nearly as much so Steve can actually make out his face. The guy makes a face. He bites on his bottom lip, choosing his next words carefully. Steve makes a face, feeling the familiar rise of anger fill up his chest.

Dalston tenants see sunlight in homes for first time in three years after giant advert removed

He turns his focus instead to the way that the guy is filling out the charts, putting in his body temperature and things like that, and tries very hard not to notice the way his IV nudges against his skin the wrong way every time the truck goes over an uneven patch of road. Bucky laughs, low and rich, and it vibrates through the stale air between them. He thinks he could blame it on his head injury and get away with it; those can cause random bouts of sudden codependency, right?

The Sun Is Shining Down

Steve is quiet as his partner comes from the front and helps Bucky get the stretcher out from the back of the ambulance, beginning to wheel it inside the hospital doors. Steve snorts, but nods, laying his head back down on the pillows.

The lights of the hospital are blinding, and he feels exhausted. The doctor scolds him for not drinking anything substantial since two nights before, when Steve had a spare moment to think about how dry his throat was in between client files, and reams him out again for forgetting to eat something other than the odd apple slice here and there, and writes him off on a clean bill of health as long as he regularly remembers to feed and water himself. I have patients to see that might not see the light of day tomorrow.

Steve must look as mortified as he feels because once she catches sight of his expression she laughs. Now, really, get. Bucky is leaning up against the far wall, sipping from a cup of what is undoubtedly horrible coffee, eyes focused on the TV in front of him. He resists the urge to punch him right then and there, and instead walks up to him. That would be monumentally embarrassing, even for Steve.

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Not everyone could skip their shift because of a moronic mistake of extreme dehydration and a mild concussion. Bucky bites on his bottom lip and Steve firmly does not want to know what it feels like between his teeth. Steve thinks there are things better left unsaid for his dignity, and wanting to defile Bucky with his mouth is one of them. Economic value of protected areas via visitor mental health.

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The pump's solar panel captures the Sunlight that can provide sufficient energy to pump up to litres of water a day under average tropical conditions from depths of up to eight metres, according to a British science journal. The technique, described by its inventor as "the epitome of minimalist engineering', is one of those decidedly simple ideas where the heat from the Sun is used to generate electricity using the solar panels.