Smell of Summer Grass: Pursuing Happiness at Perch Hill

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To read it is to have a fat pair of Homeric jump-leads attached from Nicolson's sparkling and crackling faculties to your own' Spectator. Not only does he have an inward understanding of how Homer's poetry works, his own prose also has the sharp glitter of a poet's eye' Telegraph. Adam Nicolson is the author of many books on history, travel and the environment.

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Qty: Out of Stock. It was the end point of a "long and hopeless trajectory".

Against all this loss, the only gain was Sarah, whose many enticing qualities included the fact that she "never read a book". Together they decided to search for a refuge from London, and eventually found Perch Hill farm, 15 miles from Sissinghurst, hidden in a landscape that was both known and strange. Perch Hill was expensive and badly neglected.

Yet something about it captivated them: "There was a pattern to it, a private rhythm, the deep, slow music to which it had been moving for the four or five centuries that people had lived in it. Many of the events of this story will be familiar to readers of Adam Nicolson and Sarah Raven's journalism.

But although the book's structure is build around a chronological narrative of restoration, its real substance lies elsewhere, in an exploration of its author's longing for beauty and solace and a sense of authenticity. Nicolson is a romantic: his writing displays the heightened lyricism and occasional unexpected rage, self-contradiction and intolerance of the tendency.

He writes like a man who doesn't reread quite enough. He detests snobs, but is occasionally snobbish.

He skirts around the subject of rural racism, ending a passage on the subject with a question mark. These things, if one expected perfection, would be flaws. But Nicolson, having spent so long working with the land, where perfection is a meaningless concept, is interested in something different: he wants to write "something which matters and which tries to say something beyond what is ordinarily said, and as a result is likely to be a little rough at the edges". He writes, in short, like a good farmer: observantly, instinctively and with intense feeling.

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Matthew d'Ancona. Ayesha Hazarika. Rohan Silva. The scenery was breathtaking and the rural neighbours charming but the hard end of real farming life was another matter - mud, cold, planning regulations and unco-operative livestock.

But for the reader the whole enterprise is full of delight thanks to Adam Nicolson's writing: frank, witty and touching, it is a testament to the importance of holding on to your dreams and turning them into reality. With a heritage stretching back nearly years, HarperCollins is one of the world's foremost English-language publishers, offering the best quality content right across the spectrum, from cutting-edge contemporary fiction to digital hymnbooks and pretty much everything in between.

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