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With the app installed, you can also upload photos from your Windows picture library to iCloud. To access iCloud photos on Android, the web version of iCloud in Chrome is your best bet. Album invitees can download shared videos and photos to their own library. You can invite people to a shared album using iCloud contact information, like an iMessage phone number or iCloud email address.

Can you share albums with non-iCloud users? On your Mac, from the sidebar in Photos, select the shared album you would like to allow anyone to view. Next, click on the People button in the toolbar and then check the box for Public Website in the fly-out options box that shows up.

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By default, album subscribers can add photos and videos to the shared album. You can tweak these settings from the same location where you enable the Public Website setting.

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If you have set up Family Sharing , look for the Family album in the Shared section. Shared albums are viewable via their unique web addresses, but not from your iCloud account itself. Or you might be thinking of using Google Photos or another backup service. A better way to download photos on Mac is via the Photos app. Open it, select the photos you want to save, and drag them out to a Finder folder of your choice. This allows you to choose a file format for download.

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To select a bunch of photos at once, select the first one in the set and Shift -click on the last one in the set. You can Cmd -click on stray photos to grab them one at a time. Select a bunch of photos and click on the Download selected items toolbar button. Want to download optimized images including edits instead of the unmodified originals? Hover over the toolbar button instead of clicking on it.

Then, click on the tiny down arrow that appears and select the Most Compatible option before you download. Only Cmd -clicking works for multiple selections, which is why the iCloud method becomes tedious when you have many photos to download. Click on Photos in the sidebar to sort photos by date. Hover on a photo in any set and click on the Plus button that shows up on the far right. Doing so selects all photos in that set.

Of course, this alternative is still cumbersome, if only less so. Eventually your photo library will get the full-resolution versions of all photos. You can copy them to your Mac using iTunes or straightaway to an external hard drive using the Image Capture app on macOS. You can also save photos to the Files app on your phone. To do that, first select the photos you want to save and tap the Share button in the toolbar. Then swipe through the bottom row of icons and choose Save to Files within it. Of course, if you have the iCloud app for Windows installed, you can download all photos and videos at once.

Select the whole bunch and from the context menu or right-click menu, select Delete [X] Photos. You can tap and drag across a bunch of photos to select them all. Start by selecting the photo at the top-left. You also have a Select All option within albums to delete photos in bulk.

To delete a photo on iCloud. Cmd -clicking is fine if you have only a few photos to select. But if you have pages and pages of photos to get through, this will take too long.

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Deleting photos on your desktop is the easier solution. In all three instances above, you should see some variant of this message before you confirm deletion:. Of course, copies of photos you want deleted might still be floating around if you have sent them to someone via chat, email, etc. Deleted photos end up in the Recently Deleted folder. You can recover them from this location within 30 days of deletion. You also have a Recover option in this section, just in case you change your mind and want any or all photos back within the recovery period.

Want to delete photos from your phone without deleting them from iCloud? You can do that only if you turn off iCloud Photo Library. If you go down that route, you can pick the Remove from iPhone option before you confirm that you want to turn off the feature. Remember, turning off iCloud Photo Library is not the proper way to delete photos from iCloud.

We have covered the correct way to take photos off iCloud above. While Apple Photos works from the get-go, it can take a while to understand the intricacies of iCloud Photo Library. We'll show you how to fix these common iCloud issues. Your email address will not be published.

Hello, I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to email pictures to an icloud photo folder or app? These photos will be sent to my icloud email address. I don't want to sync all my photos from my MacBook or MacMini. I just want to be able to see photos that have been emailed in some sort of gallery.

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