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Sometimes it's a bad time—for example, you wouldn't stand up in the middle of a concert and shout "I love your singing! People always feel happy when they learn you've been saying good things about them behind their back.

This Good Girl Just Wants to Be Bad

Look for the best in everyone. Everybody has positive traits, so look for them in each new person you meet. Treat them with the assumption that they are well-meaning and intelligent in their own way. They may just rise to meet your expectations.


Keep doing this, and you will be a ray of sunshine that inspires others to be their best. A few people are mean and rude no matter what you do. Keep a safe distance from these people, and continue being positive. It may rub off on them, or it may not. Treat everyone with respect, including those who are different from you. It can be tempting to write people off as "weird," "stupid," or "stuck up.

Everyone has a story, and is struggling in a way that you might not notice. Treat everyone like they are good at heart. Be respectful to everyone, including the people you don't like.

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They may warm up to you. Be polite.


Courtesy will show others that you are considerate and mature. Use the phrases "please", "thank you", and "may I". Let other people go first. Get a book on everyday etiquette, or ask someone who appears to be particularly knowledgeable on it. Practice patience when you don't understand. People may say things that don't make sense to you—but they probably have a good reason.

Instead of giving up or getting mad at them, ask questions. This works in a variety of perplexing situations, from a person who is acting strange to someone who is being mean. Could you explain it? Leave or defuse the situation if there's an argument. Nobody can truly "win" an argument. Calm yourself down, or excuse yourself if you don't think you can handle it calmly. You can always continue the discussion later when you have a cooler head. I'm going to take some quiet time.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy. You won't get along perfectly with everyone, and that's okay.

But I'm a good girl - A mischievous woman, malicious glances.

Spend your time and energy on the people who build you up and make you feel good. They can help you feel happy and remind you of the person you want to be. You're allowed not to be best friends with everyone. If you feel upset when you're around someone, be polite to them, and focus your attention elsewhere. Be mindful about your romantic relationships. A good girl doesn't rush into romance, and makes sure that she is ready before trying something new. Communicate with your partner, and talk about kissing and intimate touching before you do them. Learn how to say no.

An "I don't want to," "Not tonight," "I'm not ready for that," or just plain "no" makes it clear to your partner how you feel. Learn to recognize danger signals. Some people are disrespectful: they push your boundaries, laugh off your discomfort or worries, or trash-talk other people. Steer clear of them.

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Show people how much you appreciate them. When someone does something kind for you, let them know you're grateful with a simple smile or "Thanks! Luna Rose. As long as no one else like a sibling is sleeping in your room, then sure! If other people are sleeping in nearby rooms, make sure that you clean quietly so you don't risk waking them up.

If it's late but not your bedtime yet, or if you're unable to fall asleep, you can clean until you get tired or bored of it. As long as you aren't interfering with your own or someone else's sleep, it's okay to clean at any hour of the night. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Get some space, and avoid the person to avoid being hurt again.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta break all the rules…

Next, talk to a trusted adult like a parent, teacher, parent of a friend, school guidance counselor, or clergy member about what's going on. Explain what the person is doing, how it's affecting you, and how you've tried to handle it. Ask for advice. Having a heart-to-heart may help if the person doesn't realize it's being done unintentionally, but if it is on purpose, then you'll need to take steps to protect yourself. You don't deserve to be hurt like this, and you don't have to face this alone. Get someone to help you through this. How can I be good when I am being good and then 2 weeks later I am all bad again?

No person is one hundred percent good or bad -- all human beings are layers of different emotions, desires, thoughts and actions. And all of us have expectations placed on us that we try to live up to, and it isn't always easy or doable. One key approach is to not be so hard on yourself; whenever you're striving to be the best person you can be, slip ups are a natural part of life. Learn from your mistakes and continue to improve, seeing your development as a progression rather than a static state of good or bad.

Have a goal to keep improving and learning, and you'll be just fine. Not Helpful 12 Helpful An answer to this depends on context and there is no such thing as a simple, single answer. Think about what it means to be good and why you equate this idea with obedience. While it is true that there are some people we are socially required to obey due to laws and moral obligations, such as obeying a parent who has your best interests in mind or a police officer who has legal authority to enforce laws, there will be times where disobedience might be preferable, such as where someone ordered you to commit a crime.

You need to decide when obedience is a good and right thing for you according to the context, the person's authority over you and the consequences of obeying or not obeying. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Generally it is not helpful to have a relationship with anyone in which your main form of communication is shouting. This suggests a heightened state of tension and unhappiness between the two of you.