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I too eagerly await the next Hattie Davish story. What is the new series about?

Attributes What are Attributes? Hattie on The lead today is buried. Hattie on FFL. Terrible that it still goes on. And yes, kudos to the resilient young people who transcended these ghastly conditions and made something out of themselves and provided stablility for others. Lots of them did, out of that place. But they had opportunities. Where are the opportunities for self betterment these days? Hattie on And a parrotlet in a pine tree. Hattie on The people speak. Hattie on More car prom. Somehow this is not my image of Detroit!

Hattie on The drear. Hattie on Solitary dinner. Or as it's also known, the Giant Kitty Litter Box. Awful place. Hattie on Running on fumes. I'm shocked.

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Hattie on Have a heart. Hattie on Spleen with a side of bile. It's a type. He's just the best known one.

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The thought that anyone could be jealous of these men, or grateful to them, makes me laugh. You take them for what they are worth and make sure you get yours, that was always our attitude.

You don't think they created all that stuff and all that wealth on their own, do you? But even so she had her strengths as a writer. Hattie on E-day. Hattie on Sweeping up the confetti. Hattie on Sown. And with four children an overpopulator. Unless they were adopted or something. Hattie on A mixed grill. Hattie on A margarita to celebrate your independence. While young women getting birth control and abortions is taboo, old guys porking them is just in the nature of things. I'm sure Rush would agree with me on that. As to charter schools: I started writing a long, long screed but decided to bag it.

People are having to learn about all these dubious educational opportunities the hard way, because they won't listen to actual educators. Hattie on Truth vs. I made a small foray into journalism recently and only barely managed not to get my ass handed to me for not knowing the rules.

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I feel it was a lucky escape. You can think you are smart and all that, but non-professionals need to think twice and then think again before stepping into that territory! Hattie on Dresses and feathers. That little navy blue suit! The grey dress! The burnt orange dress! The red two piece outfit with the pleated skirt! The camel hair coat with the belt in the back! I miss them still. My "costume," however, was usually a black straight skirt and a white blouse. No slacks, of course.

And everything was made in the U.

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It must have been colder in those days, because these garments were all wool and fully lined. Hattie on Divine?

Been to Hattie B's Hot Chicken? Share your experiences!

Not me. Hattie on Not from hunger. Hattie on Gusty. Calm expected eventually. I didn't know about the tip of adding an extra yolk to omelets. Good one. Hattie on And is Ochocinco his real name? That Parker woman: what a tool. Not a very sharp one, though. Hattie on Saturday morning mystery spot. Where the pushback is in full swing. Would that I could be there! Hattie on The cheering section. Hattie on A small victory. Hattie on Progress. I was bullied a lot for not being cute, for wearing funny clothes, having the obvious stigmata of economic marginality and geekiness and so on.

Guess what. That made me strong, willing to go my own way if I had to. If I don't meet the standards of perfection dictated to females, well that's tough. I learned I could survive all that. Apparently all Ms. Romney heard growing up was how beautiful she was, inside and out.

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That set her up to be the tool of others and to expect the perfect life. Poor thing. The worst bully I ever encountered in high school was a Mormon kid who is now an active Bishop and probably a worthwhile person, if I can judge by his career path. His politics are way to the right. He is now portly and plain.

This is all information I gleaned on him from googling his rather unusual name.

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In class he would tell me I was ugly, had big feet and should shut up. He was a skinny puny guy who rolled up the sleeves of his shirt to the armpit and had a comb stuck in there somewhere to groom his greasy hair. I guess he picked on girls because he wasn't big enough and strong enough to take on the boys.